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Whether you are operating an exquisite eatery or a specialized health clinic, you probably cannot run your business without certain equipment. Statewide Money provides a wide range of equipment financing options that can help you achieve your business objectives.

Equipment loans can be a tax effective way of purchasing your business equipment. There are various loan products available and each has different tax benefits that can be claimed as a deduction or business expense.

When it comes to arranging equipment loans for small business owners we are the no. 1 choice. We offer speedy process of digital applications. Our flexible requirements give everyone a chance to qualify. We have reasonable rates and monthly payments that can be easily managed. The extra one-on one support that we offer remains unmatched in the industry.

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Tax Benefits of Having an Equipment Loan:

Commercial Hire Purchase You can claim deductions on equipment used for business and on depreciation of equipment. Pay less GST and claim GST for the equipment purchased if you are registered.

Chattel Mortgage You can claim deductions for depreciation of the asset and interest paid on the asset. Make a 100% GST claim as a credit on your BAS statement.

Finance Lease Claim deductions of asset when used for business. We pay GST, so your monthly payments are lower.

Operating or Rental Lease Make 100% deductible claim when equipment is used solely for business, we pay GST, so your monthly payments are lower.

If you want flexibility when it comes to purchasing your business equipment, then Statewide Money equipment loan or equipment finance is what you need.

Benefits of Statewide Money Equipment Loans in Sydney:

No capital outlay No upfront deposit needed, freeing up your cash flow for other business needs.

Tax credits & deductions providing you’re registered for GST, you can claim tax credits and other deductions of the asset purchased.

Tailored to match your cash flow Repayments are aligned with your cash flow.

Simplicity Loan repayments automatically debited from your nominated account.

Before you accept a loan offer make sure you do thorough background research as there are many people operating under fake identities so you don’t fall a victim to a scam. Never accept a loan offer over the phone or through email. Anyone who withholds terms and presents information in a confusing manner should be avoided at all costs.

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