New Car

Buying a new or used car? Before you rush in and sign any contract, allow us the opportunity to save you thousands of dollars, you have nothing to lose! New car brokers have been very popular overseas for many years now. They are used by the prudent buyer to buy their next car at a great discounted price.

It is very simple process. This is how car finder worlds

Receive an instant quotation on your Car Loan

Step 1

Research the car you want to buy

Step 2

Contact us with the details and your best price

Step 3

Car finder will negotiate on your behalf

Step 4

You drive away saving $ $ $ $ $ $ $

It’s as simple as that. We will then have one of our buyers negotiate the best possible price on your behalf. Esentially you will be buying the exact same car you have seen at the dealership for hundreds to thousands of dollars cheaper.
The beast part of our car finder service is that it is totally free for you. That’s right, we do not charge our clients for this service. It hasn’t been unknown for us to save over two to three thousand dollars on a new car. You can either do all the research before hand or just leave it to us to save your money.
So if you are buying a new car in the near future or you just want to discuss your options, please give car finder the opportunity to save your money. Either user the contact form on this page or ring us directly and ask to speak to one of our new car fleet managers and we will do the rest for you