Low Doc Loans

At Statewide money we understand the self-employed applicant, so whether you are a contractor or just started your business or simply haven’t completed your current tax returns, we can help by providing no fuss approvals. We provide low doc loans at competitive bank rates to save you money. Statewide money can provide a low doc loan facility for car loans and first home loans.
You should understand that due to the lack of normal documents, your loan procedure will be a bit different. However, with years of experience and expertise in this matter, we are capable of handling these loans quite well and you can rely on us for getting you the required loan for your new property or car. All you will have to do is to provide a letter from your accountant, hence confirming your expenses and income and we will take care of the rest.
For self-employed people who are looking for a flexible and fuss-free loan option, StateWide Money provides the ultimate solution. We can accommodate you for a variety of different purposes and can secure you loans with a variety of features and benefits. Once your eligibility for the loan is determined, we complete the rest of your documents and help you get the low doc loans as soon as possible.

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Low Doc Car Loans

We have various options to obtain a low doc car loan for you. We are able to use your ABN. to meet the lenders requirements for a commercial loan. For example,

  • Lease
  • Chattel mortgage
  • Hire purchase
  • Novated lease

The main consideration is that the goods have to be used predominately for business use. Furthermore, we can work closely with your accountant to structure an application that will meet the lenders buying criteria. Our finance consultants can provide the structure and security that your business requires to grow and expand with the use of our facility of low doc loans in Sydney.
We understand that everyone’s situation is different so please contact us to discuss your exact requirements:

Low Doc and No doc Home Loans

Statewide Money is a leading specialist in the self employed and property Investor market.
If your thinking of investing in the lucrative property market, you have come to the right place .Our team will assist you in achieving your goals in property investment.
We all can tell a story of how we could have owned (x) property for ($) and now its worth ($ MORE), so the lesson is if you can afford to buy, property investments are an excellent way to create wealth.
So is you hold an ABN or have a business or simply are a contractor, you may be eligible for a Low doc or a No doc home loan. Our philosophy is simple; help our clients to achieve their goals. So if it’s just a friendly no obligation chat our team is here to help you, so don’t wait give us a call. Don’t be a another statistic of (I could’ve, I should’ve ).
Act on your dreams now. A low doc, no doc loan could be just the solution you have been looking for.