Used Car Finder

Looking for a used car? We are able to source your next car through our Australia wide network and always at the cheapest price. Our car finder fleet managers have direct access to fleet cars, pre sale tender cars, new car trades and wholesale sources. We pride ourselves in only obtaining the very best cars and fully stand by everything we source.
Car finder deliver cars Australia wide and are able to provide a door to door service. Clients in remote areas can now take advantage of quality used vehicles at cheaper price without the need to travel to major capital city. Our car finder fleet managers have extensive purchasing power and valuation experience in the motor vehicle industry and thus are able to obtain the best price and save you money.
So if you have specific needs, for example color, kilometers, make or model, allow car finder the opportunity to source your next car at a great saving. Once we have found the car you are looking for, we provide a through description and detailed photos and any additional inspection from yourselves is welcome. We pride ourselves in satisfying our clients needs and wishes. Car finder demands the highest diligence and standards from our fleet managers and always provide prompt customer service to the highest level.
Once you purchase from used car finder, you are eligible to join our Platinum Club. Very simply, this means we will pay your stamp duty on your current purchase and all future purchases with us, Australia wide. So now you can change your car as often as you like without paying stamp duty ever again