Fixed Home Loan

Fixed Home Loan Melbourne, Sydney, Australia

Looking For A Great Fixed Rate Home Loan?
Statewide Money fixed home loan rates give you certainty and peace of mind on your mortgage repayments.
We offer a range of fixed home loans with interest rate terms fixed for up to 10 years. The benefit of fixed home loans is that the interest repayments stay the same throughout the term of your mortgage. Regardless of interest rate changes in the market, your repayments remain unchanged.
Knowing how much your monthly repayments will be for the term of your mortgage loan offers certainty and protection for borrowers on a tight budget.
Our fixed rate home loans offer security, and put you in control of managing your mortgage by taking the guesswork out of fluctuating interest rates.



    If you’re after a home loan or even a car loan with a competitive interest rate, low fees and personalized service, then a Statewide Money fixed home loan or car loan is your answer.

    We offer flexible loan products to suit a variety of borrowers. Whether you’re looking for a new home, or an investment property, Statewide Money has a solution that’s right for you.
    Statewide Money home loan products are provided by some of Australia’s leading financiers in the banking sector and other financial institutions. Our close working partnership ensures a smooth fixed home loan application process, without the usual hassle of dealing with a large bank.

    If you want great interest rate terms, security, and hassle free service talk to us or apply online to secure a fixed home loan today.